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Roller blinds in Kursk on the window opening

A variety of models of roller blinds allow you to implement any idea of the designer in the window design. The presence of large openings is an undeniable advantage and aesthetic appeal of the room as a whole. What system can be installed on wide Windows and function perfectly at the same time?

Roller blinds "ROLL" are designed to cover the entire window opening. This system is as simple as possible – the cloth is wound on a shaft with a diameter of 25 mm, which is attached above the window using brackets. The design allows you to cover window openings up to 150 cm wide and has the lowest price among similar types of products.

Roller blinds "CLIC "-a system whose name speaks for itself, because the installation is carried out in just one "click" - the curtain rod with the fabric snaps into the fixed brackets. Thanks to a more powerful 30 mm pipe, this model is able to cover window openings up to 200 cm.

"GRANDE" roller blinds are designed to cover window openings up to 300 cm. Thanks to a powerful 38 mm pipe, on which the fabric is wound, you can use more dense and heavy fabrics in this model. Lifting and lowering of such a large structure using a metal chain occurs smoothly due to a specially built-in gear that facilitates the lifting effort, so without much effort, the curtain can be fixed in any position.

"GRANDE BOX" roller blinds differ from the GRANDE system in the presence of a decorative aluminum box that protects the fabric from various contaminants and prolongs the product's service life. This roller blind is designed to cover openings and niches up to 300 cm with the ability to attach to the wall or ceiling. Lifting and lowering of the web is carried out using a metal control chain. Due to its overall dimensions and aluminum box, the GRANDE BOX system with white blackout fabric has been widely used as an alternative to expensive projector screens. Therefore, educational institutions can save budget and extra-budgetary funds by purchasing this model.

You can buy roller blinds in Kursk of excellent quality and at a low price in ROLTECH.

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