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Skinali (apron made of glass for the kitchen) in Kursk

Everyone always strives for the best. Whether it's your own appearance or the beautiful appearance of the objects around us. Agree, it is pleasant to look at beautiful things, and if they are also useful, it becomes doubly pleasant.

For example, for the house where we live, it is important to create a special atmosphere that allows you to relax there, gain fresh strength and feel better. In the house, the kitchen is often considered the most comfortable room. Here we are not only engaged in cooking - it is a place for cozy family gatherings and warm friendly meetings. That is why it is so important that the kitchen interior meets your preferences.

A great find for the kitchen interior is glass panels, which help to combine external beauty with practicality. Often it is the skinals that determine what the style solution of the kitchen will be. This finish is very enlivening kitchen furniture. 

Aprons for the kitchen are very different, but glass skins have a special advantage. Tempered glass is the best base for skinali, it has an enviable durability. This glass is five times stronger than normal, is not afraid of accidental bumps, temperature changes, moisture, cleaning agents and detergents. In addition to its functional purpose, the kitchen apron is also used as a decoration. Thanks to modern technologies, you can easily add some bright colors to your interior. You can implement any idea by making an apron with a unique design using UV printing. Good photo printing gives the illusion of volume, visually expands the small kitchen and visually expands the space.

If you want to buy glass panels for the kitchen in Kursk, Roltech is ready to help you. Photos of ready-made solutions can be found in our catalog. Perhaps some of the ideas you want to implement in your own kitchen.


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Kursk, K. Marx street, 59A, 2nd floor.
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